Who's Vineyard Training for?

As well as free training modules, theological modules have been provided by Vineyard Institute at an exclusive price for those in the UK and Ireland. We are offering these modules as standalone modules, a triplet, or grouped together or as a ten-module bundle, to make theological training possible for everyone in the church.

  • INDIVIDUALS — Attending a course or committing to a rhythm of learning with others isn't always practical or possible for everyone. So with Vineyard Training, you can learn at your pace, on your device, whenever you have the time to study. You can signup at a time that suits you and begin your training seconds later.

  • LEADERS — Our training platform is also designed for leaders who want to be lifelong learners.

  • CHURCHES — You can use the Vineyard Training platform alongside activity in your own church. Whether you are training a specific ministry team (such as Kids or Youth), or have a season of activity where a Vineyard Training module would be helpful to recommend to everyone.